Usage guide
Runtime requirements & polyfills

Runtime requirements

This page outlines requirements for your environment to use next-intl.


Based on the features you're using, you have to make sure your browser supports the following APIs:

If you target a browser that doesn't support all the required APIs, consider using polyfills. (opens in a new tab) is a valuable solution for this that helps you to load only the polyfills you need for a given locale.


import {useLocale} from 'next-intl';
import Script from 'next/script';
// Use this component in your Next.js custom `_app`
function IntlPolyfills() {
  const locale = useLocale();
  const polyfills = [
  return (
        '' + polyfills.join(',')

Note that doesn't support every locale. You can find a list of the available polyfills in the polyfill-service GitHub repository (opens in a new tab) (e.g. search for


The minimum required version is Node.js 13. Starting from this version, all required APIs are available.