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Internationalization for Next.js

Support multiple languages, with your app code becoming simpler instead of more complex.

import {useTranslations} from 'next-intl'; export default function UserProfile({user}) {  const t = useTranslations('UserProfile');   return (    <section>      <h1>{t('title', {firstName: user.firstName})}</h1>      <p>{t('membership', {memberSince: user.memberSince})}</p>      <p>{t('followers', {count: user.numFollowers})}</p>    </section>  );}

Batteries included, minimalistic API

Internationalization (i18n) is an essential part of the user experience, therefore next‑intl gives you all the parts you need to get language nuances right.
{  "UserProfile": {    "title": "{firstName}'s profile",    "followers": "{count, plural,                    =0 {No followers yet}                    =1 {One follower}                    other {# followers}                  }"

ICU message syntax

Localize your messages with interpolation, cardinal & ordinal plurals, enum-based label selection and rich text.

// "Feb 28, 2023"format.dateTime(lastSeen, 'medium'); // "2 hours ago"format.relativeTime(lastSeen); // "$1,499.90"format.number(1499.9, {style: 'currency', currency: 'USD'});

Dates, times & numbers

Apply appropriate formatting without worrying about server/client differences like time zones.

function UserProfile({user}) {  const t = useTranslations('UserProfile');   return (    <section>      <h1>{t(''
</section> );}


Speed up development with autocompletion for message keys and catch typos early with compile-time checks.

const t = useTranslations('UserProfile'); t('followers', {count: user.followers.length}); //'bio', {b: (chunks) => <b>{chunks}</b>}); // ReactNode const format = useFormatter();const timeZone = useTimeZone();const locale = useLocale();const now = useNow();

Hooks-based API

Learn a single API that can be used across your code base to turn translations into plain strings or rich text.

$ next build Route            Size       First load JS┌ ● /            1.4 kB     87.6 kB├ ● /about       205 B      86.2 kB└ λ /[username]  3.24 kB    89.3 kB ● (SSG) automatically generated as static HTML + JSON

Next.js-native and performance-obsessed

App Router, Server Components, static rendering—pick the right tool for the right job, next-intl works everywhere.

/en/blog/es/blog/de/blog /en/about-us/es/sobre-nosotros/de/ueber-uns

Internationalized routing

Provide unique pathnames per language and optionally localize pathnames for search engine optimization.

Trusted by the Next.js community

Powering localized web experiences from marketing sites to e-commerce portals and sophisticated apps, next-intl ensures your users will be as happy as the developers building them.
Claudio Wunder

Claudio Wunder

Cross Project Council at OpenJS Foundation

We love next-intl. We've adopted it on the Node.js website along with Next.js' App Router. From all the i18n solutions out there for React and Next.js, so far the API and the design of next-intl has definitely become my favorite.

Cali Castle

Cali Castle

Founder & CEO of Zolplay

I think next-intl should become a Next.js first-class citizen at some point, it’s just brilliant and simple to use.

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Co-founder & CEO of Clerk

Interop with next-intl was a design requirement.

Kieran McHugh

Kieran McHugh

Founder & CEO of Daybridge

We were initially worried that adding support for multiple languages to our app would add overwhelming complexity, but next-intl genuinely made the process so much smoother than we expected. We've been able to build a calendar that can feel like home for millions more people around the world.

Dawid Gaweł

Dawid Gaweł

Frontend Engineer at Todoist

We deeply care about internationalization. Our websites, apps, and materials are translated to almost 20 languages. Thanks a ton for working on this project!

Alvar Lagerlöf

Alvar Lagerlöf

Senior Frontend Developer at Motatos

It's a great tool. We're using it now for our App Router rollout.

Jökull Solberg

Jökull Solberg

CTO of Trip to Japan

Amazing work on this library, launching our site today.

Lachlan Campbell

Lachlan Campbell

Web designer-developer at Watershed

We're using next-intl on! It's running entirely on App Router, using the Client Components version.

Using next-intl too? Let us know!