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Internationalization for Next.js that gets out of your way.

Support multiple languages, with your app code becoming simpler instead of more complex.

📣 Support for Next.js 13 and the App Router has arrived →
import {useTranslations} from 'next-intl';import OnlineStatus from './OnlineStatus'; function UserDetails({user}) {  const t = useTranslations('UserDetails');   return (    <section>      <h2>{t('title')}</h2>      <p>{t('followers', {count: user.followers.length})}</p>      <OnlineStatus lastSeen={user.lastSeen} />    </section>  );}

Batteries included, minimalistic API

Internationalization (i18n) is an essential part of the user experience, therefore next‑intl gives you everything you need to get language nuances right in your Next.js apps.
{  "UserDetails": {    "title": "User details",    "followers": "{count, plural,                    =0 {No followers yet}                    =1 {One follower}                    other {# followers}                  }",

ICU message syntax

Localize your messages with interpolation, plurals, ordinal pluralization, enum-based label selection and rich text.

// "Feb 28, 2023"format.dateTime(lastSeen, 'medium'); // "2 hours ago"format.relativeTime(lastSeen); // "$1,499.90"format.number(1499.9, {style: 'currency', currency: 'USD'});

Dates, times & numbers

Apply appropriate formatting without worrying about server/client differences like time zones.

function UserDetails({user}) {  const t = useTranslations('UserDetails');   return (    <section>      <h2>{t(''
</section> );}


Speed up development with autocompletion for message keys and catch typos early with compile-time checks.

const t = useTranslations('UserDetails'); t('followers', {count: user.followers.length}); //'bio', {b: (chunks) => <b>{chunks}</b>}); // ReactNode const format = useFormatter();const timeZone = useTimeZone();const locale = useLocale();const now = useNow();

Hooks-only API

Learn a single API that can be used across your code base to turn translations into plain strings or rich text.

$ next build Route           Size       First load JS┌ ● /           1.4 kB     104 kB├ ● /about      205 B      97.5 kB└ λ /contact    3.24 kB    106 kB ● (SSG) automatically generated as static HTML + JSON

Next.js-native and performance-obsessed

App Router, Server Components, static rendering—pick the right tool for the right job, next-intl works everywhere.

/en/blog/es/blog/de/blog /en/about-us/es/sobre-nosotros/de/ueber-uns

Internationalized routing

Provide unique pathnames per language and optionally localize pathnames for search engine optimization.