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Core library

Core library

While next-intl is primarily intended to be used within React components, the core is agnostic and can be used independently of React.

import {createTranslator} from 'next-intl';
const messages = {
  basic: 'Hello {name}!',
  rich: 'Hello <b>{name}</b>!'
// This creates the same function that is returned by `useTranslations`.
// Since there's no provider, you can pass all the properties you'd
// usually pass to the provider directly here.
const t = createTranslator({locale: 'en', messages});
// Result: "Hello world!"
t('basic', {name: 'world'});
// To generate HTML markup, you can consider using the `markup`
// function which in contrast to `` returns a markup string.
t.markup('rich', {
  name: 'world',
  b: (chunks) => `<b>${chunks}</b>`

For date, time and number formatting, the format object can be created outside of React as well:

import {createFormatter} from 'next-intl';
// Creates the same object that is returned by `useFormatter`.
const format = createFormatter({locale: 'en'});
// Result: "Oct 17, 2022"
format.dateTime(new Date(2022, 9, 17), {dateStyle: 'medium'});